Running Package

Do you have an event your training for?
Are you getting injured?
Are you unsure of how to train for an event?

We can teach the art of running in a way that is beneficial and exciting so you can keep running for life. I've trained people for over 30 different races, around the world, on the seven continents. Having completed multiple running events from 10km to ultramarathons, we know how to prepare from techniques to race logistics.

12-Week Running Package

For new or experienced athletes who want some structure and guidance leading up to a race.

What’s Included?

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VirtuaGym 2

Video Running Analysis

Running, just like cycling and swimming is a skill. We can analyse your running and recommend drills to improve efficiency and reduce injury.

Functional Assessments

Internal health, movement and mental conditioning is just as important as physical conditioning. Being healthy inside and moving freely will translate to increased performance and reduction in injury. Online

Tools and Support

Having your running program readily available where you are is important. You’ll also be part of like-minded community wanting to achieve similar goals.

3 x 30-min Coaching Calls via online or in person (if local)

Running Package Investment NZ$450
With 12-months Epigenetics Profile one-off investment of NZ$300