“Pain is an opinion on the organism’s state of health rather than a mere reflective response to injury”
Phantoms in the Brain, by VS Ramachandran and Sandra Blakeslee

Here I have nerve pain running down the back of my leg to my toes which Dr Magic Mike is working on. I still have this chronic pain.

Why is Functional Medicine and Movement important to an athlete in pain?
“The ability to fully express potential strength, power, flexibility, endurance and coordination is limited by the brains perception of threat associated with the chosen movement.”
In this case running 200 miles at Alps 2 Ocean.

= Inflammation
= Stress?
= Increased cortisol/blood pressure
= Decreased blood flow to skin
= Rapid breakdown of muscle
= Muscle imbalances
= Change in normal movement pattern
= Change in sleep pattern?
= Fatigue
= New aches and pains?
= Etc, etc, etc
= Long term suffering ?
= Not performing at your best

Training for a race is not just about exercise and nutrition there are many other aspects one must consider.

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