We are defined by our Environment.
Environment is more than a physical location.
Our surroundings and conditions define our environment.
Epigenetics are the non-genetic influences that transform us one way or another.
What are the differences?

Pic 1
📌Job: Dairy Industry, long hours, shift work, high stress
🍟Diet: Takeaways, processed foods, fizzy instead of water
👪W’anau (family): Both parents alive
🇳🇿Location: NZ, heaps of W’anau
🚬Lifestyle: Smoker, no exercise, callbacks and overtime
🛠👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Social: Workmates, w’anau
📈Goals: Freehold home

Pic 2
📌Job: Dairy industry, senior management, long hours, high stress
🍇Diet: Takeaways, transition to vegan gluten-free, more water
👩‍👦W’anau (family): Pop’s died from cancer, Ma living with cancer
🇦🇺Location: Australia, no W’anau
🏃‍♂️😰Lifestyle: Training for ironman, battling depression
🛠🚴‍♂️Social: Workmates, triathlon club
📈Goals: First Ironman, stay sane

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