Did you ever think that shoulder, hip or back pain could be related to Liver issues?
Have you ever suddenly had pain in areas where you’ve never had pain before?
If so, Learning to Love Your Liver could be what you body is asking for.

Learning To Love Your Liver

A Liver that needs attention or is sluggish can have a couple of issues going on:

  1. We’re Overloading our Liver. Our Liver can’t keep up with what we’re putting in and struggles to remove it.
  2. We’ve Overloaded our Liver. Our Liver is trying to detox what it already has and can’t expel it.

These issues can be caused while you’re training for or post an event.

When I attempted 12 Ultramarathons in 12 Months I was monitoring my Liver blood markers and my results showed a pattern of liver deterioration.

  1. I was Overloading my Liver by doing back to back races and not eating foods that my Liver could easily flush.
  2. My Liver was Overloaded with toxins and struggling to detoxify. Therefore, I began to experience aches and pains throughout my body.

“You Cannot Heal When You Are Defending”
Dr. Perry Nickelston, mentor and coach

These contributing factors of toxin overload can slow our Liver down so much the organ becomes stuck…literally.

Two catalysts of Detoxification of our Liver are:

  1. Movement: The Lymphatic System pumps through movement, therefore flushing toxins from our body.
  2. Breathing Exercises: Diaphragmatic breathing massages our internal organs.

In some cases Movement and Breathing Exercises aren’t enough to support our Liver.

So how can we Learn to Love our Liver Better?

There are Three simple ways that you can do this.

  1. Manual Organ Reset moves toxins that are stuck or immobile.
  2. Lymphatic Reset moves toxins by stimulating key lymph points.
  3. Liver Protocol supports our Liver to manage the load.

Learning To Love Your Liver can be beneficial for the whole body so you are living, training and performing at your optimum.