Group Fitness

Do you like training with others and not by yourself?
Do you get motivated in a team environment?
Are you unsure of proper technique and form?

Then come and join our group fitness classes. Enjoy HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions that are hard work in a short time.

Learn good technique and form that suits your body and style...because we are not all built the same.

12-Week Concession or Pay-As-You-Play

For new or experienced members who want some structure and guidance to get fit and move better.

What’s Included?


New and FUN Circuits each session

Variety is the spice of life. Exercise should be hard and challenging but FUN at the same time. We use traditional exercises but also some functional and creative exercises to get the body moving differently and moving stronger.

Functional Assessments

Internal health, movement and mental conditioning is just as important as physical conditioning. Being healthy inside and moving freely will translate to increased performance and reduction in injury. Online

Tools and Support

Additional to joining our team you'll have access to our personalised training app in Training Peaks, where you can track your progress and goals.

12-week Concession Investment (2 sessions per week) NZ$300
Pay-As-You-Play Investment NZ$15 per session.