Corporate Wellness

Are you thinking about the long-term growth of your company?
Do you want to improve staff engagement and reduce sick leave?
Do you want to reduce LTI’s or LTSL by improving staff health?

Corporate Health

We can introduce your team to the world of health and wellness.
With new developments and cutting-edge technology, we can support your team to take ownership of their health.

I spent over 20-years in the manufacturing environment in a very unhealthy state.
Unaware that was a better way of life out there, I just didn’t know how to get there.

I can relate to your team and the barriers they face.
But together we can show that there is a different life for them waiting around the corner.

Corporate Wellness

For people working in a high stress environment who are ready to make the change.

What's Included

PH360 wheel

Epigenetics Profile

We are not all the same and we require different stimuli to nurture change and reset the body and mind.
Your epigenetics profile will give us a road map to the best version of yourself.

Functional Movement

The body is built to move and as stress builds throughout our life, the way our body moves changes resulting in chronic pain or lack of enthusiasm to move.
By addressing imbalances we can start moving the way intended and keep up with our kids and grandkids.

Online Tools and Support

Having your running program readily available where you are is important.
You’ll also be part of like-minded community wanting to achieve similar goals.


Goal Setting and Tracking

It’s a tough path to the top of any goal. Some things will work and some won’t work.
Maintaining vision on your goals and tracking progress will steer us in the right direction .

Functional Medicine

Chronic fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmune disease affects our lives in different ways.
Addressing inflammation and stress on the immune system can relieve stress to start living a full and nurturing life.

Setting Challenges

We don't know how far we can push ourselves until the environment we encounter is outside our comfort zone. Daily, weekly or monthly challenges help us take those small steps towards continuous improvement.

What out clients say...

“I was in a new role at work, life at home was busy, and I was living what felt like a very unbalanced life.

Through a superb initiative implemented by my employer, Carlos and Cynthia Kumeroa ran a 12 month health & wellbeing programme in our workplace that I and a group of my colleagues were lucky enough to be part of.

The programme they ran for us was comprehensive, they provided a holistic view of personal wellbeing, looking not just at improving ourselves through physical activity, but also looking at nutrition, food sensitivity, external stresses and adrenal causes.

The support they provided extended beyond the monthly one-on-one and group training sessions, and they have a genuine interest in helping their clients.

To anyone looking for a trainer that that is about more than just reps and sets, one that will provide a well-rounded examination into your wellbeing, then Carlos and Cynthia are well worth talking to.”


Jamie Skinner
Environmental Manager, Kapuni